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All You Need to Know About Google’s November 2019 Local Search Update

Google Update of Nov
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While there has been a lot of guesses and apprehensions regarding Google’s November 2019 Local Search Update, the search giant has now finally confirmed the same. Here are some key points to know about the update and why it is important for marketers.

Right from the beginning of November 2019, there has been a lot of speculations and rumours regarding Google’s algorithm updates. It all started with people observing changes in their Google My Business (GMB) rankings in local search results. And, in the next few days, digital marketers, concentrating on local search, termed this update the ‘Bedlam Update’ – considering the confusion and fuss it created in the digital space. 

However, Google has now confirmed via its @SearchLiason handle on Twitter about the same, stating that the update is pertaining to Google, aimed at using neural matching in the process of local search result generation. Named “November 2019 Local Search Update”, the update followed the convention used by Google to name its core search algorithm updates in 2018.

Here’s what you should know about the update:

  1. Similar to what Google did to normal queries in 2018, it added neural matching to local search queries.

Local Search Result


2. This update will help Google understand the query in a much better way and how the query is related to concepts, including but not limited to the business in question.

November Local Search



3. It has been completely introduced, but since it is based on AI, things may change over time as per the requirement.

Neural Matching Update


4. Ideally, you don’t need to respond to the update by changing anything. Keep doing what you have been doing all along.

Impact of Neural Matching Update

5. Owing to the fact that it’s a worldwide launch, the update will affect all regions and languages.


Location Based Update


6. The update would continue, but the larger changes should have been made by now.



Impact of Neural Matching Update

7. The update is not new to the Search, but to Local Search results.

GMB or local organic results

8. It is not meant to fight against spam, but it may help.

Is It spam Specific

9. The update is not related to the BERT Update.

Update Image


Update Image 2

10. It is somewhat similar to Hummingbird, conceptually.

Difference between Neural Matching and Hummingbird

11. The update is not about proximity, but language.

Local Search Update


12. Neural matching focuses on both content and queries.

Impact of Local Search Result on Local Queries

13. With regard to the content, the focus is GMB as well as elsewhere.

Local Search Update GMB Listing


14. Google will further keep users updated with Local Search updates. However, this is the first time that Google has confirmed such an update.

November Local Search Result

What Does the Update Mean?

Since it is related to neural matching, it will let Google have a better understanding of the local search intent of users’ queries; even when it lacks the name or description of the business.

However, the good news is that there is no need for businesses to make any changes in the wake of this update.

Neural Matching and Google

Google began using neural matching in 2018 in Search to better understand queries. While neural matching is different from RankBrain and BERT algorithms in terms of how it functions, it is somewhat similar to them in that it too assists Google in improving query mapping to search results.

 Why Is It Important to Us?

 After Google’s conformation, we now have a solid proof that update has really been introduced. And, since Google has mentioned that it will make use of neural matching to better understand Local Search queries, it will now display different results. According to Danny Sullivan, Public Liaison for Search at Google, neural matching was affecting around 30% of queries in 2018, and the impact is likely to increase with the recent update.

Going forward, Google’ suggestions to markets is still the same: prominence, distance and relevance are the keys to achieving better rankings in Local Search. And, what Google calls ‘November 2019 Local Search Update’ is just a boost to its understanding of relevance. 

At Alchemy International, our experts keep a constant on all Google updates. And for this reason, our marketing strategies never fail to bring about the desired results, no matter how unique or complex your business requirements are.


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