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All You Need to Know about Joomla 4

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After being in the development phase for almost 9 years, Joomla 4 finally rolled out on 17 Aug, 2021. On its 16thbirthday, Joomla – the globally popular, award-winning CMS (content management system) witnessed an upgrade from version 3 to version 4.

Created and maintained by an international community of volunteers, Joomla 4 offersan excitingly new way to develop and manage content. Without doubt, it is a steady, reliable and secure platform, which is equipped with myriad options to build any website with utter ease.

Surely, there had been a lot of speculations among users worldwide about how the new Joomla version would benefit them and their websites. Now that Joomla 4 is out, here is all you need to know about the new upgrade.

Features of Joomla 4

Similar to its previous versions, Joomla 4 is an open-source CMS, maintained by a solid community of volunteers who are passionate about developing easy-to-use, secure and comprehensive software. Free to download and use, Joomla 4 is a system, where functionalities meet ground-breaking web technology. This CMS enables website creators to develop powerful sites, where maintaining the web content is seamless and easy. Here are some features of Joomla 4 that make it one of world’s most favoured content management systems.

  1. Flexibility: Joomla 4 offers a flexible system, which is super-easy to customise.
    • More than 6,500 top-quality templates and verified extensions – most of which are free
    • Free video training and documentation
    • Features built-in extendable functions as well as layout & overrides system to create customised solutions without hassles.
    • Easily find and hire top-notch developers and integrators.
  2. Open Source: Joomla 4 is an open source system, which is open to assessment.
    • Joomla’s source code is fully accessible, so that developers can find and fix bugs.
    • Open source software lets you to have a higher quality of code since the entire world is available at all time to check and assist.
    • Developers can easily get all the necessary information and integrate the functionality you need.
    • Lower development costs, owing to a bigger pool of programmers to choose from
  3. SEO Optimised: With Joomla 4, you stand a better chance of securing the top position in search engine rankings (SERPs).
    • Great SEO enables sitesto get indexed in search engines
    • Build authority while boosting your site’s overall quality and trustworthiness with outstanding SEO.
    • Ensuresa better user experience with enhanced focus on SEO.
    • Grow your audience by paying attention to worthy SEO elements.
  4. Highly Secure: Joomla 4 is essentially a robust, secure system.
    • Helps protect your brand.
    • Keeps your data safe and secure.
    • Areliable, strong CMS that saves you from the high cost of potential data breaches
  5. Multilingual Content: Joomla grows easily with your business.
    • With Joomla 4, you enjoy a CMS that is uniquely multilingual.
    • No need to add extra extensions or overheads for additional languages.
    • Facilitates language specific pages to fill the cultural gaps.
  6. Growing System: Joomla 4 not only supports your business, but it also grows with it.
    • Gives you enough room to grow your business.
    • Expand your business wherever you want with exceptional multilingual support
    • Meet your clients’ needseasily with a constantly expanding list of 3rd-party templates and extensions.
    • Open source and robust security along with a large developer base allow you to have high-quality custom software.

Joomla 4 Benefits to Users

With Joomla 4, you can build many different types of websites, ranging from community-based websites and e-learning platforms to personal blogs and ecommerce stores. The system can easily be moulded to match the framework or objective of your website. Here are some Joomla 4 upgrades that can help you achieve phenomenal results:

  1. Growing System: Reach the top of any search engine result pages (SERPs) in a fast manner with Joomla 4. SEO has been taken care of well so you can concentrate on creating quality content and getting it noticed by your audience. Built-in SEO within pages further assures you of the precise page structure without the need for any additional extensions.
  2. Joomla 4 Design: The administration area has also been redesigned that allows for faster content development. Moreover, the editor upgrades and enhanced media manager lets you build and design astounding websites. Besides, article templates helps you and your teammates adhere to the page design.
  3. Joomla 4 Search: Advanced and configurable, Joomla 4 Search allows users to find your content in an efficient and fast manner.With active indexing, you do not require to index content every time you add something new. Reason being, all the processes will be done automatically in the background. This let you focus fully on developing great content.
  4. Joomla 4 Emails: Customisable email templates expedite the process of site personalisation and deployment. You can tailor the emails to match your brand while making use of your site’s unique style to communicate with your users when sending out website emails.
  5. Joomla 4 Workflows: With the new workflows feature, you can take any number of steps to create content – from ideation to publication in a defined and managed way. Workflow plugins do create a powerful new system to speed up the content creation process.
  6. Joomla 4 Speed: Speed is an important factor in converting clicks to views – and with Joomla 4, you can enjoy the benefit of improved performance. So, whether you have an e-commerce platform or you want to boost your subscriptions, Joomla 4 can makeeverything work for you as smooth and fast as possible.
  7. Joomla 4 Accessibility: Joomla 4 offers top-of-the-line accessibility, benefiting every visitor to your site. Infrastructure, layout and contrast; everything comes with accessibility built-in. The latest Joomla version aims for W3C Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 (with AA compliance).
  8. Joomla 4 Security: Well written, high-quality code helps you keep your website up and running as well as safe. Joomla 4 comes with several great modifications, done to optimise security and keep hackers away.

Given the feature upgrades and user benefits associated with Joomla 4, switching to the latest version of this CMS is surely a wise and prudent decision.

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We start by understanding your specific requirements and preferences. Accordingly, we suggest you the best suited CMS solution, factoring in facets like practicality, features, ease of use and your budget too. And, you can always capitalise on our customisation expertise to have the final product exactly as per your expectation!

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