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Google Wreaks Havoc on Un-Mobile Friendly Websites

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Google has managed to make tech headlines again, and as usual with a rather controversial announcement with the potential to affect millions of hard workers on the internet.

It’s latest algorithm update has caused shockwaves across the internet. The move has seen some websites fall down the pecking order in search results as they were not to be seen as mobile friendly. Text that is too small to read on a mobile phone, plus links that are too close together, are just some of the reasons certain sites will have lost their place in the mobile ranking list.

There are many organisations who have been disappointed with the new update, which was launched on 21st April 2015.The E.U and Microsoft among other organisations are most likely to affected by Google’s new search formula.

Search engine experts have dubbed the new changes ‘mobilegeddon’. While this sounds more dramatic than it should, there is much to be concerned about. Millions of websites, especially owned by small businesses have seen the number of visitors to their site drop rapidly. The situation may give rise to greater inequality on the web as multinational corporations battle it out to appear higher up on the Google rankings, while smaller companies websites go into ‘hiding’. This, of course poses a great threat to those companies who have just started out and don’t have the capital or means to be prepared for the sideswiping reforms.

It’s not all bad news, the futures bright!

While initially the new move appears to be a rather negative one, with many being affected, overall the new update has been well received. Over the years the internet has seen a shift from being predominantly reached through a computer, to today in which 80% of all internet users are now using it through a mobile phone.

This is brilliant news for those millions if not billions of people who will now receive better quality websites, optimised for viewing on their phones. Not only is it great news for the consumer, but also the website owner. If your website is already inline with Google’s new requirements, it will mean you'll be able to reach out to potentially millions of new visitors.

If your website isn't up to scratch in terms of Google’s requirements, now would be a good opportunity to raise your profile and become mobile user friendly. It’s never too late to get a responsive website, increasing your outreach. At Alchemy Interactive, our SEO service can do just that, as you make that important step to becoming a major player in Google’s search rankings. Have a look at our portfolio to see some of the companies we have served:

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