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New Structured Data Report for Breadcrumbs Has Been Added to Google Search Console

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Google Search Console

Google has recently added New Structured Data Report, specific to Breadcrumbs, to its Search Console web service. This addition will allow site owners to instantly see if the breadcrumb markup has been installed in the correct manner.

Google Breadcrumb

The “Breadcrumbs” report is present within the “Enhancements” section on Search Console, besides other reports pertaining to the structured data implementation. Similar to other structured reports, this too tells site owners about the breadcrumb structured data sets that have been implemented appropriately. It also shows the data sets that have not been implemented correctly along with the ones containing warnings.

Just in case Search Console finds errors in the implementation of breadcrumb markup, it will immediately show you what’s wrong with the markup. This will let users to resolve the issue quickly and that too, in an efficient manner.


Importance of Breadcrumbs:

Google Search makes use of breadcrumb markup in the body of a web page to classify the information from the page in search results. Breadcrumb trails allow users to learn about the position of a page within the hierarchy of a website. When a web page is marked up using breadcrumb structured data, it enables search engines to show this information to users.

In the light of the fact that Google is currently showing breadcrumbs more conspicuously in search results than ever before, it’s now even more important to check the correctness of markup.

What Google previously used to show in search snippets has now been replaced by breadcrumbs. Google bank on proper markup to create the breadcrumbs observed in search results. This means inappropriate markup can lead to improper display of breadcrumb information of a webpage in search results.

While the invalid markup doesn’t affect search engine rankings, it is always good to offer Google as much precise web page information as possible. Nevertheless, this is a great way to ensure positive user experience. One can implement a breadcrumb markup using Microdata, JSON-LD or RDFa.

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