Performing the Ultimate Website SEO Audit

Performing the Ultimate Website SEO Audit

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Website SEO Audit

SEO (search engine optimisation) is a simple acronym that punches well above its three lettered weight. Dictating how highly your website ranks on Google is well…just really very important. 

Research shows that 83% of clicks are for results on the first page. However, at Alchemy UK we have seen many companies struggle to determine their ranking, or to identify the areas that could well benefit from a little extra attention. So we gathered our team and came up with these easy and effective strategies to empower any business owner to start their own SEO campaign. 

Site Crawlers 

Using a crawling application such as Screaming Frog (which happily is free, unless your website has more than 500 pages), allows some rather intelligent software to search your site and check for a host of factors that could affect your ranking, including broken links, duplicated content and Meta data. An exceptionally helpful tool it helps identify any potential problems hidden in your site.

Screaming Frog Site Crawler

Keyword Research

Before you start analysing your ranking you need to identify the keywords for which you hope to rank– those special phrases, the longer the better, that will draw all the right attention to your site. If you are unsure as to your keywords, for absolutely no charge, you could see what your competitors are using or create a Google Ad words account which will suggest some potential phrases.

Use the Incognito Window

When you are using an internet browser the searches you make and the websites you visit are all noted, allowing search engines to learn your preferences and, create unique results just for you. Whilst this thought is a little Big Brother-esque for some, in most cases it does genuinely help. However, given that you probably spend a fair amount of time on your own site, to avoid it superficially being pushed to the top of ranking we advise all our clients to use the incognito window. This will help you gain an accurate representation of your website ranking.

Site Speed

Not only is a slow landing page a major motivation for visitors to exit your site without even glancing at your carefully curated and lovingly written content, it can also have a significant impact on your SEO. From 2010 Google’s Algorothims have incorporated the speed of a site when ranking sites, so checking your website loads more quickly than Usain Bolt is of immense importance. If you would like to check the speed of your site take a look at this handy website.


Over the years Google has refined its algorithms to help ensure the websites with the most added value are at the top. A major factor in this is content. Google looks to make sure content is neither “thin” nor “duplicated.” Instead it wants to see good quality content that is regularly updated. You may not need to be the next Bill Shakespeare, or even J.K Rowling, but your content should be original, of interest and guaranteed to keep your visitors engaged.

Google Analytics

Sometimes we meet with clients whose web designers haven’t installed Analytics and we have to resist the urge not to track down them down, armed with a pen and whiteboard to demonstrate the numerous advantages of this tool.
Google Analytics is an extremely powerful tool that consists of one line of code that needs to be inputted in the bank-end of your site. From there you can easily monitor the number of visitors, where they came from and how long they are staying on your site.

Google Keywords

Make sure you are monitoring your Google Analytics regularly and don’t be scared to experiment to work out the optimum design for your site.
If you have any further questions please feel free to pick up the phone and say ‘hello’ to one of our team on 0203 3078 6725. We are a friendly bunch and always happy to offer a free, initial consultation.

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